Table 1. Summary of Biologic Samples Collected from PCaP Subjects

Sample Collection Vial Description Unit Units/Subject Vol. or Conc./Unit
Serum Red Top* No Additive aliquot 10 ~0.5 ml
Plasma Lavender Top EDTA aliquot 6 ~0.3 – 0.5 ml
Yellow Top ACD aliquot 6 ~1.0 ml
RBCs Lavender Top crude packed (WBCs) aliquot 2 ~1.0 ml
Yellow Top Ficol purified (RBCs only) aliquot 2 ~1.5 ml
Immortalized PBMCs Yellow Top EBV transformed B-cells aliquot 6 1.0 ml
3-5 x 106 cells/ml
DNA Yellow Top – PB Genomic-peripheral blood aliquot 7 50µl@100ng/µl [5µg]
7 100µl@100ng/µl [10µg]
1 stock
Yellow Top – IC Immortalized Cell (IDNA) aliquot 18 100µl@100ng/µl [10µg]
1 stock
Mouth Rinse Buccal Cell (bcDNA) aliquot 7 50µl@100ng/µl [5µg]
7 100µl@100ng/µl [10µg]
1 stock
Adipose (abdominal) Needle needle and Luer-lock aliquot 1 variable
Urine conical No Additive aliquot 1 10 ml
  Preservative (ascorbic acid) aliquot 1 10 ml
Toenails envelope all toenails on 1 foot cryovial 1 nail clippings
Diagnostic Tissue paraffin blocks 4 micron sections slides 21 4 micron
Prostatectomy Tissue paraffin blocks punched cores of CaP TMA 30 slides/TMA up to 30 sections
paraffin blocks 4 micron slides 47 4 micron

NOTE: In most cases biological samples were collected after initiation of treatment.

* a portion of red top serum tubes were transported from the field at ambient temp at UNC through April 30, 2007; the remaining UNC red top tubes and all of LSU red top tubes were transported on ice.