Non-Tissue Biospecimens

Specimen Type
Collection and Processing Protocol

Summary of Available Biospecimens

Table 1. Summary of Biologic Samples Collected from PCaP Subjects
Table 2. Biospecimen repository: proportions of subjects with samples
Table 3. Biospecimen repository: means (vol/aliquot)
Table 4. Multi-source DNA Specimens: proportions of subjects with aliquots available

Tissue Biospecimens

Collection and Processing Protocol (DB, RP & TMA)
Additional Tumor Block Retrieval and TMA Construction Details

Summary of Available Biospecimens

Diagnostic Biopsy (DB)
Table 1. Summary of Diagnostic and Radical Prostatectomy Tissue Collected by Core 1

Radical Prostatectomy (RP)
Table 2. Diagnostic biopsy (DX) and radical prostatectomy (RP) specimens processed by Core 3

Tissue (RP) MicroArrays (TMAs)
Table 3. Total number of subjects on tissue microarrays