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PCaP Datasets - Definition/Algorithm (2010)


PCaP Baseline Questionnaire and Citation

HCaP-NC is PCaP subjects from NC who were followed for on average 5 years after diagnosis.

HCaP-NC Year 1 Follow-up

HCaP-NC Year 2 Follow-up

HCaP-NC Year 3 Follow-up

Data Dictionaries

PCaP baseline Data Dictionary

HCaP-NC Year 1 Follow-up Data Dictionary

HCaP-NC Year 2 Follow-up Data Dictionary

HCaP-NC Year 3 Follow-up Data Dictionary

Follow-up Medical Records Data Dictionary

The PCaP data dictionaries are documents that provide the available variables for your computing request and corresponds to the PCaP baseline Questionnaire. Please use these dictionaries to complete your Data Request. The PCaP data dictionary is a Microsoft Excel workbook - if you need a viewer please click here.

Study Protocols:


Enrollment & Consent

Body Size Protocol

Medical Abstraction Protocol — For Baseline PCaP

Medical Records Abstraction Protocol — For HCaP-NC visits 1-3 years

Blood and Tissue Procurement:

Specimen Collection Protocol

Specimen Processing Protocol

Tissue Microarray and ImmunoAnalysis:

Radical Prostatectomy Protocol

How to cite PCaP or HCaP in your manuscript

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